the green revolution —
perceptions, politics, and facts

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by Klaus L.E. Kaiser, is the first clearly written, comprehensive book looking at the green desires and expectations and juxtaposing these with the physical and chemical facts and realities.

CONVENIENT MYTHS explains in common terms why many of these green ideas will remain myths and dreams. The laws of nature cannot be broken. No matter how much we may desire the opposite.

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CONVENIENT MYTHS deals with a wide variety of subjects. They range from the role of governments and that of the media, from climate to weather, from power generation to power use, from steam engines to electric cars, from the environment to health, to name a few.

All these issues are linked by the laws of nature. As a scientist, I feel that every citizen in the modern world needs to know the basic facts and how they affect our daily life, or how they determine what may physically and technologically be possible or not.

One of the prerequisites for understanding the connections and consequences of these issues are common definitions. Vague terms, such as pollution, emissions, clean energy, sustainability and the like are useless if they are not defined in a clear and understandable way. The daily barrage of news propagated by the media often lacks this commonality of the meaning and definition of such terms. No wonder, misconceptions arise, conclusions diverge, and the actions based on such by different societies and other entities can be diametrically opposed to each other with respect to the same specific issue.

Precisely such confusion gave me the impetus for this work. It is my hope that it will help to bring clarification to some of the important issues of today and the future.






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