the green revolution —
perceptions, politics, and facts

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by Klaus L.E. Kaiser, is the first clearly written, comprehensive book looking at the green desires and expectations and juxtaposing these with the physical and chemical facts and realities.

CONVENIENT MYTHS explains in common terms why many of these green ideas will remain myths and dreams. The laws of nature cannot be broken. No matter how much we may desire the opposite.

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Brief Excerpts

From the chapter "The Great Myth"
.... It is as much surprising as disconcerting to see how little interest there is by politicians in basic fact finding. Instead, they rely on claims by industries, reports in the media, statements by non-government organizations, movies, and the like. There is a definite lack of "due diligence."

From the chapter "The Climate"
..... The world experienced a period of 10,000-plus years of strong global warming, not caused by the burning of fossil fuels by man. Obviously then, there are two critical questions: .....

From the chapter "Freshwater"
..... Water is one of very few liquids known to man, which expands on freezing, and therefore floats on the surface of any remaining unfrozen liquid. This rare property has tremendous consequences for life on earth..... Therefore, even....

From the chapter "The Air"
.....In later years, the term ozone also was applied to what is more correctly known as "low-level ozone." That type of ozone comprises several compounds, of which true ozone (O3) is only a minor constituent, or even absent. No wonder, confusion reigns about ozone....

From the chapter on "Energy"
.... As a fuel, both ethanol and methanol are inferior to pure gasoline (i.e. hydrocarbons) because, chemically speaking, they are partially oxidized hydrocarbons...

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