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by Klaus L.E. Kaiser, is the first clearly written, comprehensive book looking at the green desires and expectations and juxtaposing these with the physical and chemical facts and realities.

CONVENIENT MYTHS explains in common terms why many of these green ideas will remain myths and dreams. The laws of nature cannot be broken. No matter how much we may desire the opposite.

2010 Articles

Anything left to blame on CO2 ?
Canada Free Press (2010).
While much of Europe is in the grip of an early winter, the "global warming - carbon dioxide" myth continues to be spread. The other day, while snow was covering the ground and the temperature was well below freezing, the battery of my wife's car broke down. She blamed it on global warming. Of course, that was in jest.

Canada Free Press (2010).
Cassava (Manihot esculenta Cranz.) is a shrub-like plant native to South America which produces tubers rich in carbohydrates. It is now widely cultivated across the southern hemisphere and the tubers are an important food staple for an estimated 750 million people. In addition, the plant leaves are also consumed in some areas.

Arctic Cooling
Canada Free Press (2010).
In case you have not heard. The Arctic, at least its part of Alaska, has been in a cooling trend for ten years. This is according to temperature measurements at 20 out of 21 first order meteorological stations in Alaska from 2000 to 2009.

Watch out for "Ecocide"
Canada Free Press (2010).
Ecocide, a term coined by the former British barrister Polly Higgins, comes with a proposal that asks the United Nations to recognize it as a fifth "crime against peace" - one that could be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court alongside "genocide," "war crimes," "ethnic cleansing," and "crimes against humanity."

The Carbon Cycle and Royal Society Math
Canada Free Press (2010).

The recent "rebellion" by senior members of the Royal Society (RS) forced it to revise their guide "Climate change: a summary of the science." The new guide, published on 30 September 2010, has a single paragraph under the heading The Carbon Cycle and Climate. In that, it says:

Climate Change and the Age of Wisdom
Canada Free Press (2010).

There are various "open letters" available on the internet, urging the political powers and executive boards of learned societies to adopt less categorical stances with respect to "climate change" concerns and policies.

CO2 and EPA's Voodoo Science
Canada Free Press (2010).

Governments around the globe are considering schemes to tax CO2 emissions. In order to have their people buy into such schemes, a steady barrage of claims has been unleashed upon the public, many of which bear little scientific scrutiny. One of the most misleading statements in this regard has been made by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which recently declared CO2 to be a "dangerous pollutant". This is a prime example of how science has become politicized and distorted, certainly in regard to CO2.

Electricity "Generating Capacity"
Canada Free Press (2010).

Alternative energy is in vogue these days. Our politicians are willing to spend megabucks to subsidize wind turbines, their manufacturers, installers, and owners to produce alternative electric power that way. Of course, any manufacturer or vendor will provide you with "generating capacity" numbers, and they sound great. The politicians, journalists, and green lobbyists love them; numbers with megaW of installed or planned new capacities are touted in all kinds of pamphlets and announcements. There is just a little fly in the ointment. The term CAPACITY no longer has the meaning it used to have.

Ocean Acidification and the CO2-Propaganda
Canada Free Press (2010).

Now, as the earth does not become rapidly overheated from CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere, nor the Arctic sea ice disappearing, nor the Pacific atolls drowning, nor the Amazonian jungle drying up, all as previously touted by the IPCC and their gendarmes and adjuvants, a new slogan on the supposed danger of CO2 is increasingly being heard, namely "Ocean Acidification".






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